Another swell ride from yer old pal Glen...



June 20 - 28, 2023

Routes for Beginners & Experts

Bring Your Own Bike or Rent a Top Quality Road Bike in Bali

Full Support • The Finest Hotels & Meals

Hate big hills?  We're skipping them!

(Like giant hills? Got 'em if you want 'em!)

Read on!

Glen here, your tour director and humble servant since 1997.

With the COVID pandemic finally waning, I think you are way overdue for a treat, don't you?

Bike Bali.

A tropical paradise.

Spectacular beaches.

Extraordinary temples.

Friendly people.

And, yes, great bike riding each day for beginners and experts.

We'll start every day with a full breakfast and end each day at a luxury hotel with drinks and dinner. In between we'll visit the legendary sites, but we're also going to the places only locals know about.  Our English-speaking bicycling guides live and ride in Bali.

Balinese dancers at night.

Rice fields that glow green.

Coffee plantations.


Islands in turquoise water.

Ceremonial hot springs where we will stop to relax.

Here's the secret that makes this cycling trip like no other:

Some of the most beautiful parts of Bali can only be reached by very steep climbs, and while I enjoy a challenge, pedaling 8,000 feet up a volcano does not interest me one bit.

And that's why we're inviting you on this special trip -- a trip you can not arrange on your own.

We will transport your bike and you up the giant hills, so you can enjoy the summits without having to do insane climbs.

If you really do want to test your mettle on deadly uphills we are happy to accommodate.  (Ever pedal up a hill with a 23% grade? This is your chance! I shall graciously pass on this generous offer, thank you very much.)

Every day you'll have a choice of harder routes or easier rides. You can mix and match if you wish -- you don't have to tell us which route you prefer until the morning of the ride. And much as I love cycling, there is one no-riding day in the middle where we relax at a luxury resort.  Get a massage, go snorkeling, visit Bali's national park, or just relax poolside with a drink...  (If you do want to pedal this day too we are happy to oblige with an escorted ride by our local Bali experts.)

What's Included

• Eight nights in luxury hotels

• Full breakfast every morning. Great dinners every evening.

  (We'll do some lunches together and others at leisure so you can pedal at your own pace.)

• Bike routes for beginners and experts, including our no-giant-hills version

  (All routes created by local Bali road bike riders)

• Full mechanical support

• Local English-speaking guides on the road and at the majestic temples

• Bring your own bike or rent a top road bike in Bali

• Your luggage transported every day to the next hotel

• All gratuities and entry fees

• Free transport for your bike and you at the end of the trip back to the airport

Admission to this trip is limited -- only a very few can join us.

A small deposit holds your spot.  Signed up and changed your mind? You have 14 days to get a 100 percent cash refund.

This is not a snack; it's canang sari -- an offering created every day by households throughout Bali to thank the supreme god of Indoensian Hinduism.  We'll see beautiful variations on these throughout Bali.

Photo by Stefano, our local Bali cycling guide.

Photo by Stefano

Want more info? Look at the top of this page for the All About Bike Bali pull-down menu.

When we offer spectacular trips like this we often hear people say, "It looks amazing, but maybe not right now."

OK... when?

The hardest part of any adventure is making the decision to just GO.

Now is the time.  

Don't miss a chance to experience something magical that will change your life forever.

See you in Bali.

Questions?  Comments?  Always glad to hear from you -- just drop me a note.


PS -- I pedaled through Southeast Asia for four months by myself, ending in Bali when the money started to run low. I thought, "This place is amazing. I'm going to head back to the U.S. and get a job -- any job -- earn some quick cash, make a U-turn, and head right back here to this magical land.

That was 20 years ago, and I am just now getting back to Bali.

It is time.

Let's go.