We have a fantastic itinerary planned for you. There may be some little tweaks as we get nearer to ride day, but this is pretty close.


After you arrive we're headed from the airport straight to the town of Ubud in central Bali.

We strongly recommend that you arrive a day or two early if possible -- that lets you adjust to the time-zone change and relax.  

On this day we'll get our bikes ready to ride (whether you brought your own or you're renting). We'll meet for drinks and dinner and get settled in.  In the evening we'll catch a spectacular outdoor dance performance.


We ride!  

We'll have a vehicle ready to transport your bags to our next stop.

We'll catch a short bus trip out of town (so you don't have to pedal in Bali's version of rush-hour traffic!) and start pedaling where it's quiet and beautiful.

DAY 4 & 5/June 26 & 27

In the morning we'll visit the Beratan temple and then pedal to Menjangan, near West Bali National Park.  We'll spend the next day in Menjangan too -- with lots of optional activities in the park, or just put your feet up and enjoy this wonderful corner of Bali.

DAY 7/JUNE 29     

We leave the Mt. Batur area and head on to Besakih, the Mother Temple, followed by a trip to Sidemen for the evening. (By the way, before we leave the Mt. Batur ara, there's an optional hike at dawn up the mountain!)


Today we leave Sidemen and head on our way back to Ubud.

DAY 9/July 1

Farewell!  We can help arrange transport to the airport for you (although some folks stay for extra days of fun in Bali).

Tanah Lot

After lunch we'll visit the amazing Tanah Lot and stay at a luxury hotel nearby.

DAY 3/June 25

In the morning we'll have a full breakfast and then head off into Bali's legendary rice fields.

Yes, e-bikes are available for rent and always welcome on our trips.


It's time to leave Menjangan and West Bali Park and head on to one of my favorite spots -- the Banjar Hot Springs. We'll remind everyone to bring their bathing suit with them for this day. We end the day near Mt. Batur

Here's one of Bali's crazy-steep hills. That's why our amazing crew is putting the bikes in the truck. We're right behind them in the bus. We'll resume pedaling as soon as we reach the top of this 18% grade monster! (Prefer to pedal up? Go for it!)

We'll see wild monkeys throughout the trip.

One of our cyclists posing with local dancers.

Your tour director and humble servant, Glen, on a very good day at the office.